Frequently Asked Questions

>Where do you deliver?
Delivery is provided to any Pinellas county resident with an additional $5 charge.

>How do I transport the cake if I pick up my order?

Depending on the size and design, most cakes will not come in a box. A box will damage the design and detail of your cake and a box could be harder to fit in your vehicle. Air-conditioning is also recommended while transporting your desserts. We do not recommended traveling with your cake on your lap. With any sudden movement, your dessert will be the first to get damaged. Also, is not recommended to put cake on a seat, or in the trunk due to lack of air conditioning and possible movement.

>Does my cake need refrigeration?

Your cake/cupcakes will be fine for up to 3 days when kept in air conditioning.

>Do you ship your cakes?

Due to the type of work we do shipping our cakes is not an option. Of course we can make a cake for your special occasion, but shipping is done by the customer and at their own risk. Unfortunately, this includes cupcakes as well.

>Is you flour GF?

All our products are made using a 100% Gluten Free Flour Mixture and is certified GF. 

>Do you make Dairy-Free or Vegan Products?

Substitutions for Lactose can be discussed, but Vegan products are not available.

>Is your food safe for me to eat?

Yes, Although our food is produced in a Cottage Food Operation that is not subject to government food safety inspection, it is all marked Gluten free and/or certified as such. We double check each label for proper ingredients. Due to our own allergies to Gluten we have to be extra careful, or else we could not enjoy our own product.

>Are your prices negotiable?

Our prices are non-negotiable. They are a reflection of the cost of Gluten Free Foods and products available. We strive to provide a product worth every dollar you put towards your dessert.

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Note: All products are made using a 100% Gluten free flour mixture. Substitutions can be discussed.

"Made in a cottage food operation that is not subject to government food safety inspection"